Part-1: Surah Al-Fatihah and 25% words of Al-Qur'an

Join our Ramadhan program of 6 live sessions to learn to understand Surah Al-Fatiha, the Arabic of Adhan, easy Arabic grammar using TPI (Total Physical Interaction) and 25% words of Al-Quran.
All course study materials (notes, quizzes, lesson videos, audio file ... .)  for the lessons provided free, on this platform.

After completing Part-1, you will have the option of completing the remaining lessons on this platform.
Registration closed Sunday 18-April-2021
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How to use this online platform?

This short guide (recorded from our intro session) takes you through step by step how to use all the online resources. 
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Learn Arabic to understand Salah the Easy Way (part-1)

  • Author: Ustadz Muhammad Arjan Ali
  • Level: Foundation (Level-1 Part-1)
  • Live classes: 6 hours
  • Videos: 10 videos
  • Quizes and Exam: 6
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